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Drawing no.1

Measurements, drawing no.1

Drawing no.2
(Top view)

Measurements, drawing no.2 (top view)
  1. height (measured in a straight line from the floor to the shoulders)
    Measurement A
  2. length (measured from shoulders to the vertical axis of hind leg. Use a yardstick and don't follow the curvature of the back)
    Measurement B
  3. width of hind leg
  4. length of hind leg (measured along the inner side of hind leg from groin to the fingertips of paw in the straight line)
    Measurement D
  5. width of a dog (measured in the straight line at shoulders)
    Measurement E
  6. girth of chest (measured 10cm behind front leg in case of small dogs and 15cm in case of mid and large dogs)

In case of a partial mobility of hind legs (look at comparision video below) is required measurement of the step. Drawing no. 3.

comparision video

  1. from standing position of the dog, mark first step of for example left hind leg
  2. walking along the dog mark second step of left leg
  3. measure distance between two marks

Drawing no.3

Measurements, drawing no.3

All measurements must be taken with a help of another person.

All girths must be taken by the soft tape-measure. All others by the yardstick

All measurements must be taken in natural standing position of the dog except point D in which dog should lie down on his side.


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