Manufacturer of wheelchairs for dogs


  1. All elements of wheelchair are covered by our warranty for period of 6 mounts provided by normal use recommended by manufacturer.
  2. Any unauthorized modifications, or replacement of parts, or exchanging, or adding elements, which will compromise functions of the wheelchair (within 6 mounts), without prior notice to the manufacturer, equals loss of warranty.
  3. Warranty is valid for period of 6 mounts, from the date of signing copy of the receipt and mailing it back to the manufacturer.
  4. Lack of signature, or date on the copy of the receipt, or unreturned copy to the manufacturer, after delivery of the wheelchair within 14 working days, means voluntary loss of warranty.
  5. Any cosmetic material flaws due to correction of dimensions, or bendings caused by normal use are not covered by warranty.
  6. Manufacturer will replace faulty element free of charge within 10 working days from receiving returned wheelchair, or placed phone order, if warranty requirements named above are met.
  7. Shipping fees are not covered by manufacturer.


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