Manufacturer of wheelchairs for dogs

Welcome on our website dedicated to dogs of special needs!!!

There are situations in which dog owners face health problems of their pets. Some of them are spine injuries and diseases which result in immobility or paralysis of hind legs.

Now there is no need in putting Your dog to sleep. Besides surgery, there is another way to help Your pet move quite freely providing it with WHEELCHAIR for dog

Our products can be used as a support after surgery on the way to recovery, or as vehicle allowing Your pet to move around comfortably to the rest of it's life

  1. Wheelchairs stabilize spine column during a walk
  2. Allow Your dog to relive it's physiological needs
  3. Built out of aluminum are light weight (around 10% weight of a dog), with or without cross axle can provide great training for hind legs if qualified
  4. They are well crafted, comfortable, easy to use and esthetically looking carts
  5. Our wheelchairs are easily adjustable, allowing users correction of measurements
  6. They improve physical as well as mental condition of Your dog
  7. Wheelchairs allow faster recovery from surgery and return to an active life
  8. They can be used as a suport in phisical therapy during pharmacological treatment

It is a great fun to see Your pet running with it's "tongue out ", having a happy face coming home after a walk and going to sleep like it used to.

With their new wheelchairs sometimes they run like crazy or walk distinctively on the sidewalk. Either way they are happy again, and so are their owners.



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